$PAPER token
$PAPER is the main token of the FOMO ecosystem. It’s used as payment for PRO features and reward in staking programs.
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Current circulation supply is 4,789.83 $PAPER
Tokenomics $PAPER max supply is 69,000 tokens. Initial supply was 1,000 $PAPER and locked for 6 months.
    6,900 (10%) tokens are dedicated to the team;
    20,000 $PAPER are dedicated to the NFT holders and will be released in the 6 months since 10th of April;
    7,100 $PAPER (2100 were already distributed) are dedicated to the Farmers
The rest of $PAPER tokens will be distributed during the next 3 years:
    30% – Incentivisation for the Fomo App users;
    30% – Incentivisation for liqudity providers;
    20% – Strategic partnerships and listings;
    5% – Adding more liquidity;
    15% – Contests and other community growing activities.
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